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Gracious living in downtown Perth, Ontario, Canada

From 85 to 94 Gore Street East, in the heart of downtown Perth, we’ve lovingly assembled a group of businesses to round out your stay so perfectly, that we imagine you’ll never want to leave. Wander through Studio 87, featuring about 40 talented, local Canadian artists. Browse Décor à la Mode for specially-designed items from hand-bags to Canadian-made furniture for home or the cottage. Book our stylish rooms and apartments in Perth Luxury Rentals . Or, pick up the latest hand-crafted European jewelry and designer clothing to wear on your stroll through historic Perth at Voilà!

One-stop shopping all in one block.  85-94 Gore Street East.

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Studio 87 is a Fine art Gallery located in the heritage town of Perth, an Ontario gem. We represent very well known Canadian fine artists coming from Kington, Ottawa and everywhere in between!  We are proud to represent a such an amazing group of professional artists. A group that attracts art collectors from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and more! Our collection of unique Canadian landscapes, animas and abstract works provide a wide variety, so there is something for everyone!  

Our European inspired boutique features a large selection of jewelry, airy Linen clothes, décor, purses and more. Our beautiful items exclusive to Voila reflect the European lifestyle as well as luxurious wine culture. With select products designed and created in Italy, England Germany, we provide unique, quality products! Not only do we showcase clothing, we also feature handmade Canadian artwork and decor! At Voila you can find everything from a designer purse to our famous sheep benches. Voila is a perfect place to find a unique gift for your loved ones and of course for yourself too! 

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Décor A La Mode is the creation of interior designer Randa Khoury. If you are looking to renovate your space and bring a modern touch to your home, we have the perfect selection of furniture, décor and more. Not only does Randa do personal design and consultation, you can also choose from a large selection of designer items from our stores Décor A La Mode and Voila. Here you will find our showroom with beautiful handmade Canadian Furniture exclusive to Décor a La Mode. Our European inspired furniture can be customized to fit any space. 

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Take your vacation to the beautiful Heritage town of Perth with our vacation rental units. In this Canadian  town that attracts tourists form all over the world, you can have a temporary home overlooking the beautiful Tay basin in the heart of Perth. These 5 star rated units are fully furnished with a classy modern finish. They are available for short term rental, perfect if you plan to attend one of the many festivals held in Perth every year!

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